Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can You Smell That New Blog Smell?

Here we are at the new but not improved Hillbilly Mansion. I am having issues with my blog title, trying to change the old one over to Hillbilly Mansion Four. OH SO ANNOYING Blogger won't let me change my new title back to Hillbilly Mansion. I'm off to twist Blogger's arm.

Carry on.


Ahh...yes! Blogger cried "Uncle!" like a frilly-bloomered schoolgirl, and now I have my title back. Bwah ha ha! Don't mess with the Mom, or you get the severed squirrel head, by cracky!

Now I'm off to spiff things up a bit.

If you get a hankerin' for my old classics, they are lollin' around the sinkhole back at Hillbilly Mansion Four.

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