Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't You Hate It When

Don't you hate it when...

You spend two hours on a Sunday morning trying to help The Pony with his homework, a giant Sudoku, and after making extra copies and working it twice and The Pony working it once, and still not coming up with the correct solution, The Pony tells you that his 6th grade math teacher only solved TWO squares in the 50-minute class period while helping other students, THEN the #1 son arrives home from church, snorts distainfully, and solves that sucker within five minutes?

I am sure she is not going to grade every box of that sucky sudoku!


A girl in your class, friends with #1, texts him a picture of her with Kurt Warner's arm around her shoulder at the airport, and an autographed postcard to boot, and informs him that Kurt was really polite, but a guy who was some kind of freak kept asking for a picture and autograph, and Kurt told him he was sorry, but he really had to get on his plane, and that freak chased after him?

Mr. Warner is a class act, and should not have to suffer freaks wanting memorabilia to sell on eBay when he's trying to catch a flight.


You run out of weekend before you run out of chores?

That's why teachers have the summer.


Every shirt in the laundry has been peeled off a boy's torso and left inside/out?

They need to learn how to wash their own clothes. You know, for when I'm laid up due to my throat-cutting in exactly one month.


You are scheduled to have your throat cut in exactly one month?


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