Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marooned On A Wednesday Afternoon

Aloha, all. I've spent the afternoon lolling about on an island. STUDY ISLAND! Dum dum DUM!

Not the most pleasurable trip, I might add. Like common convicts, exiled to a land of anarchy, my teaching brethren and I were shipped off unceremoniously to learn the ropes of how to survive STUDY ISLAND.

It wasn't pretty. The temperature was quite tropical, with all the hot air from the inhabitants, and the simmering electronics of the computer lab. I forgot to take a supply of water, and was darn near dehydrated by the 2:56 bell. My island sister, Mabel, proffered a sugar-free Life Saver near the end, but it was too late to save Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. She had wilted to a mere husk of her former self.

Abandon all hope, ye who wash up on STUDY ISLAND. No matter how hard you try to learn the navigational tactics necessary for survival, no good end will come of this two-hour tour. All the core teachers and all their End of Course students will not be able to partake of the educational bliss that is STUDY ISLAND. One computer lab, with 22 computers, two laptop carts of 12 computers, and a sometimes-working smaller lab with 10 computers does not a match made on STUDY ISLAND make.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

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