Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pony Sums It Up

I am upset with Dish Network. They have dropped the FX channel. That means that we can no longer watch reruns of Malcolm in the Middle while getting ready for school. It means that we have to watch Animal Planet reruns of World's Funniest Animals. That in itself is not too traumatizing. The commercials are the creepy part. Specifically, commercials for Fatal Attractions.

The commercial starts out like a love story between that week's idiot and his wild animal pet. You realize that no good will come of this fatal attraction. Somebody is going to die. And it ain't the critter.

All week, the teaser has been about a woman and her love of reptiles. A male relative tells the camera, "She really thought those snakes cared about her." To which The Pony matter-of-factly commented, "They did. They cared what she tasted like."

I don't know where that boy gets his sense of humor.


Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

We're pretty pissed about FX too. My husband likes to watch Sons of Anarchy. And Nat Geo is gone so I can't watch Locked Up Abroad's heartbreaking tales of people who end up in prison in 3rd world countries after trying to smuggle drugs.

We JUST got Dish Network, so we have a 2 year contract. The fee to cancel right now is $385. In other words we're not probably switching any time soon, FX or not. I did cancel our HBO/Showtime package, though, and won't buy it again until I get what I'm already paying for.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
We're thinking about DirectTV. Can't get cable out here in Hillmomba. I hate a change, but if we lose all of FOX programming, I will switch. I gotta have my GLEE.