Monday, January 17, 2011

My Pretty Little Pony Liars

The Pony watched Pretty Little Liars with me tonight. For the second week in a row. Or to be more precise, The Pony laid on the couch playing computer games on his laptop while I usurped the big screen to watch my show.

During commercials, I made it my business to torment The Pony.

Don't you like this show? Everybody has a secret.


Come on. I know you're secretly watching it behind that laptop.

No, not really.

I bet all the kids at school are watching it.

Actually, just the girls.

Uh huh. So you've heard all about it.


You can go to school tomorrow, and say, "Last night, on Pretty Little Liars..."

Uh. NO!

Why not? It's good to have a subject to discuss with the girls.


You could start out with, "Every Monday night, I watch Pretty Little Liars with my mom."

I can't hear you! (His elbows stuck out from behind the laptop screen, like they would if he had his hands over his ears.)

And then you could say, "I love that show! I can't wait until it's on every week."


You'll have to be careful, though, or the girls will look at you as best friend material, and not as a future husband.

Stop it! I'm not listening!

Or you could just pick up your phone at Academic Team practice, and say, "Oh, no! I hate it when 'A' sends me a text!"

Uh, no. Not funny.

My Little Pony. Still a kid and still tangled up in my apron strings. There's so little time left.


knancy said...

Pretending to ignore you but secretly soaking up the data. Bet he does use his own play on your words somewhere sometime with a girl in the near future!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Right now, he doesn't need my tips. The girls flock to him, because he is smart. The Pony plays hard-to-get. Also known as being a typical 12-year-old boy.

Next year, he will need to heed my advice. The girls will be after the bad boys in eighth grade.

knancy said...

Hormones will be the life and death of us!

Hillbilly Mom said...

That's what we say about the Sex Club table in the lunchroom every day.