Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What A Racket

Well, the ice/snow/rain/mix storm that was heralded for Sunday night into Monday morning ending Tuesday did not materialize this week. Surprise.

Monday afternoon, the forecast charlatans started calling for a SIGNIFICANT snowstorm Wednesday night into Thursday. FOUR INCHES OF SNOW, and MAYBE MORE in some areas. Ho hum. And they expect me to buy that one, too? A weather advisory was also posted Monday afternoon for Thursday, due to that SIGNIFICANT winter storm that had not even shown up in the seven-day forecast Monday morning.

So let's get this straight. Nobody saw that SIGNIFICANT snowpocalypse on the horizon a mere three days away, but they sure saw the imaginary ice/snow/rain/mix storm when it was five days out. I call shenanigans!

Farmer H says he wishes I had become a weather forecaster instead of a teacher. Because I would only have to be right 50 % of the time. Or less. Dear, befuddled Farmer H! He does not see that I am just naturally right near 99 % of the time, without even trying. And I'm not talkin' weather. For that, you just need to stick your head out the door and then backtrack and spin all the previous forecasts so people will think this is what you've been saying all along.

I suppose I'll have to rush to Save A Lot for bread and milk on Wednesday evening.


knancy said...

So sad and yet so frustating to be so right so much of the time. Sigh. And then be the one that has to remember to pick up the toilet tissue, too. Nobody knows the mother I've been!

Jennifer said...

Yeah.. I am waiting the impending icepocalypse/snowdoom.

We shall see if it occurs or not. Considering the last storm the schools were out two and a half days for 2 inches of snow.

And they took away Monday of this week to make up for one of them.

SO I am off to The Devils Playground in 8 hours.. to get my milk and bread before the rest of the Hill Country heads that way.

Since they are calling for anywhere from 2-6 inches.

Hillbilly Mom said...

We are quite the downtrodden know-it-alls.

Two inches will get us out. At least for one day. I'm hoping for a four-day weekend.

I couldn't face The Devil. And the Save A Lot was fresh out of women who tell me that I'm SO PRETTY.