Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beginning Of The End

It is the beginning of the end. The handbaskets are ready for loading.

I ordered checks online from The Devil's Playground.

It's not that I wanted some cheap checks manufactured overseas by orphaned toddlers for a salary of 3 cents per month. It's more like I am sick of taking it up the wazoo from Deluxe Checks. I've ordered a variety of cheap checks over the years. Some were so butt-ugly that I didn't even use the whole box, and others crinkled in the check-scanning machine like a rabid wolverine chewed them up and spit them out. But at least I knew how much I was paying for what I got.

Of course Deluxe Checks discontinued the pattern that I had used for 200 checks. So I only ordered one box of the the set that is just running out. I never liked them, but they cost me a year of college tuition for my young 'uns, so I used them up. But grudgingly.

I shopped around the internet on three different sites today. Funny how the other check sites actually had prices. Not so Deluxe Checks. They get all of your information and snatch that order out of thin air and charge it to your checking account. I call shenanigans. That's as bad as companies that will only do business with a credit card, then automatically charge you if they don't get your payment. Never mind that a payment might be lost in the mail, or that you never received the bill, or that you were planning to discontinue their service.

Just in case you were wondering, I got some check record thingamajigs, deposit slips for the #1 son's account, and a box of checks ALL for HALF the price of my last box of Deluxe Checks. The main expense was the shipping, since I waited a bit too long to order due to putting it off. Or I could have saved even more.

Lucky for me, I can afford the extra shipping money, what with my fledgling handbasket factory just getting off the ground.


Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

That handbasket factory is gonna be big.

Husband used to order ours from Trustmark and paid a lot of money for the duplicates with the carbon copy, but I don't know why because you couldn't READ the copy no matter how hard you pressed down or how clearly you printed the info. When I became a stay-at-home-mom it turned out that my new job also involved a lot of book keeping and secretarial duties, and reordering checks is part of the gig. I couldn't believe how much he was paying for those ripoff checks. We now have the single copy version and they're half the price. I think we supposedly get some deal for ordering through the bank but that's probably a lie. I should look into it. The Devil's Playground might get my check business too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I used to order through the bank, which was Deluxe checks brand. Then the bank personnel got all snotty about me sending in the order form that came with the checks. It had all the numbers and info, and said to give it to your "institution". Like including that in the vacuum tube with my deposit was going to use up extra man-hours. So I mailed it myself. Same outrageous price, automatically taken out of my checking account, except I didn't know until after the fact how much they ripped me off, just like when the bank took care of it.

I always use the singles. Now I don't even get the canceled checks back like I used to. Because I guess it takes extra man-hours.

I got an email from The Devil today, saying that my checks were ready for shipment. That was quick. Now I'll have to see if they look shoddy. But at least I'll have eight different shoddy designs of Americana, instead of four putrid Arbor Day designs from Deluxe.