Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Thermostatter

I might have mentioned how our air conditioner has been all checked out and declared sound except for having dirt in the coil. Which could no doubt have been cleaned out by Farmer H, had he only cracked open that can of worms. I think he's qualified. That's the kind of thing he does at work. I suppose it's different if you're not being paid for it. Sweet Gummi Mary! I hope nobody expects me to teach my kids something for free!

When I returned home around noon yesterday, the Mansion felt OH SO COOL upon re-entry. I figured it was because of the stifling outside temperature. I went about my business. Last night, my feet were freezing as I watched TV in the basement. I'm always chilly, but not so much my feet. They are encased in socks.

Upon climbing the steps to retire, I noticed that the main floor of the Mansion was cool. I chalked it up to Farmer H finally adjusting those vents in the basement ductwork. I didn't actually see him do it, but stranger things have happened. Since the upstairs is normally warmer than the basement, I picked up the little flashlight sitting on the bookshelf under the thermostat. Just to check on the temperature.


Since May, I have set that puppy on 74. When the repairman was checking out Dirty Old Heat Pump, I noticed that the Mansion was cooler. The thermostat told me the temp that morning was 72. After ditching the professional coil cleaner, I quizzed Farmer H. "I'll go fix it. I set it on 67 so it would run continuously while he was checking it." I saw him change the setting. All weekend, it read a normal 74 degrees when I walked by. How could the thermostat magically set itself on 72 between Sunday night and Monday while The Pony and I were gone?

Because I am a member in good standing with Mystery Inc., I deduced that only one person had access to that thermostat while I was away. The #1 son. I went to his doorway this morning.

"There seems to be a problem with the thermostat. Is there anything you would like to confess before the trial?"

"I set it on 72 yesterday. It was too hot in here. I meant to set it back."

"Oh, so you thought you could do it secretly and I would never know?"


Yet another successful case under my belt. I will spare you the lecture on how a person who does not pay the electric bill should not adjust the air conditioner settings.


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Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Way to extract a confession, HM! You're like "the closer," but without the poorly done Southern accent.

Hillbilly Mom said...

And they're not even trying to be funny.

But with a desire for chocolate.