Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somebody Needs A Day In The Hole

The goats continue their revolt. Today Nellie and her triplets refused to return to the pen. The Pony herded and herded. He enticed the white girl kid and the little black boy kid to follow him into the pen by clapping his hands and running away. The bigger black boy kid had to be lured with half a banana.

Nellie stubbornly refused. She lipped at the banana. She came within 20 feet of the pen, reaching her tongue and stepping towards that banana. Then she stuck her nose in the air and walked into the woods to eat tree limbs. The Pony was so OVER her behavior that he was momentarily inattentive, and Yellow-Leg, the biggest, most-feared rooster jumped up and knocked the banana out of his hand.

I saw the aftermath from the porch. Chickens were swarming like sharks to a fresh kill. Every few seconds, that half-banana would flip into the air as one chicken would try to take a bite and get its beak stuck in the peel. A squawk and a hop to get away from the feeding frenzy would launch that banana like a frail child off the end of a teeter-totter.

Nellie was finally outsmarted when The Pony put some goat chow in the metal scoop and allowed her to nibble one pellet at a time as she followed him into her woodland prison. Nellie needs to do some hard time until she has an attitude adjustment.


Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

You can't pen a goat. Tim says you could weld one up in a steel drum and it would get out. He also says there are goats on the moon and no one put them there-- they climbed.

(Just a glimpse of the ridiculous anti-goat propaganda he gives me when I talk about how much I would like to have some goats.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Then the goat would eat the steel drum.