Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changes Are A-Comin'

Funny how time flies. I seem to have 465 posts on this blog. That means it is becoming unwieldy in the event that I want to use it for a certain project I have in mind. So I might be switching over to a new Hillbilly Mansion in a few days. I don't think it will affect anything vital.

Usually, I just rename the current blog by adding a number to the title. And I start up a new blog under the Hillbilly Mansion title. I can't remember if I have to re-do the sidebar. Probably. But I don't think anything will change for readers who try to visit me here at the Mansion. Maybe they'll have to re-follow after the new one is established. Since I've only got 6 followers anyway, that does not seem to be a major issue.

What I'm trying to say, is: if it looks like I haven't posted for several days, chances are that I've moved to start a new blog. That I've built a new Hillbilly Mansion. So if that happens, just type in

Or I'll come back and link it.

Because you know that Mrs. Hillbilly Mom can't go more than one day without posting her thoughts on ruling the world.


labbie1 said...

Not a MAJOR ISSUE???? What will I do without the daily missives from The Hillbilly Mansion? Withdrawl is NOT a pretty thing!!!!!!

Chickadee said...

Phew. When I saw the "Changes are a coming" title, I thought you were going to stop blogging and that made me sad and even a little panicky. I know I'm a bit on the sporadic (and flaky) side when it comes to reading and writing blogs, but you're always the first blog I check every day.

I can't live without my Hillbilly Momma :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I promise to find you.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It will still be there. It might take a day to get things smoothed out in transition.

No way. I'm just re-packaging with a tricky little re-naming of this blog.

I know you will. Even if you have to call Mystery, Inc.