Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funny How,,,

Funny how a man...

...who is deathly afraid of accidentally touching a slice of moldy bread will eat a hot dog that has been in the refrigerator since before his vacation in early June.

...will wait for his woman to get home from work to make him a sandwich, and tell her, "I almost starved waiting for you to get home."

...who said he didn't want any beer at the bowling alley will say, "Baby, go get me a cup," when a table nearby gets ready to leave, and offers what's left in their pitcher.

...can spend hours grilling chicken and steak and hamburgers and vegetables that he chopped and wrapped in foil, but only knows how to make himself a bologna sandwich or a microwaved hot dog the other three seasons of the year.

...won't ask directions when he's lost, but talks the ear off a waitress like they're life-long friends.

...can not hit the center of the toilet bowl, but can stack trash two feet over the rim of the wastebasket.

...will sit and watch TV shows about repairing and rebuilding automobiles, but takes his own vehicles to the shop for oil changes.


labbie1 said...

It has been my experience that the toilet bowl and the trash can both have the same problem...

This is great!!!! LOL

Chickadee said...

Or you have a man, who blows you off when you say something is wrong with the TV/VCR/computer and won't look at it, but then looks surprised when the same thing happens to him later.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I suppose they're wired for it.

Or one that says, "You aren't the first woman ever to catch a cold." And then moans on his deathbed when he gets the same thing.