Thursday, July 8, 2010

Covering The Hillbilly Butt

Ahh...the day I have been waiting for since last September. Tonight is the season premiere of Big Brother 12! I know! Try to contain your excitement. I am all jacked up on Diet Coke, ready to watch the houseguests move in tonight. Except that they already moved in over the weekend, but Julie Chen won't tell you that. That's a cat she likes to keep in the bag.

Also tonight is the Showtime show Big Brother After Dark, from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Don't you worry about Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. She is up that late every night anyway. But just in case, the magical elixir of Diet Coke with lime juice and a dash of sugar is coursing through her bloodstream as you read this. No fallin' asleep on the first night.

Don't you dare whisper over your shoulder that Mrs. HM is going a bit overboard. That's how the Hillbilly family does things. Why, it seems like only yesterday that the #1 son, upon awakening, announced: "I can't believe the day I've been waiting for is finally here! MAP testing day!!!" That's the Missouri achievement test that has since fallen by the wayside. And the little shaver was in 3rd grade when he made that proclamation. Or perhaps 2nd grade. He's one to wangle with specifics. So now I've covered my butt.

I'll leave you with that visual. You're welcome.

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