Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Would A Possum, By Any Other Name, Still Play So Dead?

Some time back, a couple of years, perhaps, I created a fictional TV series for myself. Why not? Don't cost nothin'. I think it may have been entitled The Sitcom of My Life, but I couldn't find the pilot episode, so I'll link Season 2. Now I have smaller fish to fry. Since I can think of nothing interesting to write about lately, I am going the way of 25-year-old men who come in to scrimmage against 10th grade boys at basketball open gym, and attempting to relive my glory days. So I am writing a book in my head that I tentatively refer to as Hillbilly Mom's Greatest Hits.

Hillbilly Mom's Greatest Hits is not the best of titles. For instance, I wouldn't want somebody to think Hillbilly Mom's Greatest Hits is a musical venture, like a collection of cover songs from Mommy's Got A Headache, my imaginary garage band. So I'm in the market for a clever title for my imaginary book.

This is what I've got so far:

Sh*t HM Says

The Curious Incident of the Headless Apparition in the Night-Time

The Gal Who Kicked the Rat's Nest

HM Shrugged

New Moon (the Schoolbus Saga, pt. 2)

The Wood Mansion: A Memoir

The 7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Teacher

The Deep End of Hillmomba

House of Sand and Dirt

Of Goats and Men

The Teacher Diaries

The Catcher of the Lie

The Whining

More on this imaginary venture as it develops. I am open to your title suggestions.

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