Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Round Of Catnip

Nothing going on here at the Mansion today. The high point so far was the catfight on The View between Joy and guest host Laura Ingraham. Like we didn't know that was brewing, what with Laura on there to promote her new book, The Obama Diaries. It had 'A Match Made In Not-Heaven' written all over it.

Oh, but it wasn't just Joy giving dirty looks to Laura during the reading of select passages. You'd think a comedian such as Joy would have a sense of humor, but apparently she let that go dormant when she sold her soul to Barbara. But I digress. It wasn't just junior-high eye-rolling and heavy sighing. Nope. Then this menopausal Mensa panel had to comment on that French deal about Muslim face-covering procedures. Upon which Joy proclaimed that all religions make women subservient to men, and Laura waved her crucifix necklace and shouted that she KNEW this would end up with Catholic-bashing.

Whew! I'm sure you can find it somewhere on YouTube.

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