Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Smattering

Farmer H and the #1 son have gone to the Cardinals game tonight. The Pony and I are going to watch Flicka 2, which is some kind of movie pushed by The Devil's Playground. We got another one a couple months ago about some family mystery in a mountain that was pretty good, even though the glaring inclusion of Great Value products all over their kitchen table kind of took me out of the plot every now and then.

The holiday people have converged on Hillmomba, flying up and down the gravel road, flinging precious stones willy-nilly. Precious stones, as in the gravel that we bought three loads of last week at $100 a pop. And that was a discount, because Buddy, Farmer H's childhood pal, hauled them for just the cost of gravel and his gas. Of course, he was using his dump truck that Farmer H and a few cronies made by cutting the trailer off a big MACK truck and rigging up hydraulics for a dumper and such. Never underestimate the good ol' boy redneck network. Frat brothers, they ain't. But it works the same way. Just in case you're interested, a regular load of gravel is $160 around these parts.

Well, I'm off to the movie.

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