Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Is this bad weather for sinuses? It's hot and humid, temps around 94, thunderstorms every evening. The barometric pressure must be playing tricks on the holes in my head. Because I have an annoying headache over my nose and eyes, and every now and then a river of clear snot just pours out of my right nostril. It's not worth calling the doctor. I am sure my blog buddy Cazzie will pop in with a free diagnosis. A nurse's opinion is good enough for me. I don't even mind that she's all the way across the ocean. It's FREE, by cracky! Free medical advice. You can't beat that with a stick!

The only thing better than free medical advice is, perhaps, free medicine. AND I'VE GOT THAT, TOO! I went to pick up some prescriptions that I had called in to the pharmacy, and I got the goofy clerk who always messes something up. Whether it's charging me $13.50 too much, because she didn't compare a drug on my two insurances even though I asked her to before ringing it up, or telling me that Farmer H's prescriptions were not in the drawer, when in fact, they were, which he found out upon driving back to town and getting another tech to check, she always puts her foot in it. I shudder when I walk through the automatic door and see her at the counter.

This afternoon, I picked up my prescriptions, and thought they were comparatively cheap. I knew that I didn't fill the one the doc adjusted for my thyroid, so I thought maybe that was the difference. Then I recalled how he had said those thyroid meds were dirt cheap, and looked at the receipt. Goofy only charged me for two, not three, prescriptions. That one she left off was $30. Did I go back inside, like a good egg, and tell her of her mistake? No. Normally, I would have. Because I'm that type of gal. But lately, I've just had it with people being incompetent. I'm sure the pharmacy will catch that mistake when they audit themselves, and that $30 will be added to my bill. I can wait.

And so can they.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, you bad girl! They wiil indeed find the error and catch up with you, but enjoy it until they do.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Of course it will catch up to me. I'm Even Steven. Gain $30, lose $30. Or vice versa. My Thursday post will illustrate the concept further. The universe has a way of balancing itself, just like the Gulf oil dispersing now that the leak has stopped.

The most enjoyable part will be putting them through the trouble of fixing their mistake. They have made me wait many a time to fix an error. Just last week, they overcharged Farmer H $15 on his Crestor. They had done this two months in a row, and finally gave him back the money for ONE month. If he gets the other $15, it will really prove my Even Steveness.