Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Ain't Sweatin' It

I received my electric bill today. Is it a bad sign when your monthly electric bill is more than your Mansion payment? I think so. How do people live these days? This is more than a $100 increase since last month's bill. Do I have an electrical leak? You know, is Ameren UE going to pull the same crap as my in-town utility company when we had rental property, and they told us we had a running toilet that not only used water, but cost us more on the sewer bill to get rid of that extra water? Is it that kind of scam? Or is Ameren UE trying to recoup money they had to spend after the Taum Sauk disaster of '05? Or the tree-cutting money after Icepocalypse '06? Something is fishy in the state of Hillmomba, is all I've got to say is. Pardon me for sounding like Farmer H.

Don't go thinkin' I use the Mansion to rent out practice space to the U. S. Olympic Figure Skating Team. Or any of the below purposes:

*An indoor ice road so Farmer H can become Ice Road Trucker H
*An ice hotel where you can sleep under exotic furs on an ice bed and drink vodka from an ice shot glass
*Farmer H's new penguin house
*A haven for chillaxin'
*A kitchen counter top lease to Cold Stone Creamery
*Overflow morgue inventory in the basement
*Rental space for witches to keep their spare (ahem) parts at the Mansion
*Retail sales of Coors Light
*A charging station for those namby-pamby sissified electric cars that can haul one person and travel for a whopping 30 miles before recharging.
*An igloo showroom

Nope. The thermostat is set at a comfortable 73 degrees. This is the highest electric bill we've ever had. Good thing Jack-of-All-Trades H built most of the Mansion, and we have a low payment.

The heat index tomorrow is supposed to be around 110, actual air temp 98. In order to conserve energy, I volunteer to not do laundry, and not cook breakfast, lunch, or supper. I'm doing my part. But I'm doing it without a sheen of sweat on my upper lip.


Jennifer said...

It is insanity I tell you. I am so excited our Gas bill is a pittance but when the Electric Bill goes up tenfold. It negates the pleasure of a low gas bill.

Our thermostat is on 76. And we have fans all over the house going.

And I also volunteered to not do laundry, cook any meal or vacuum to conserve energy.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am in the first phase of getting a turbine systen installed that should reduce my bill by 40%. My bill is the 4 figure range and is a little m ore than the mortgage payment. We had to increases our rates for the first time in two years and campers act like we have gone out of our minds........but after some investigation on my part, we are still lower than comparable parks with less ammenities. Ameren takes a huge slice of my revenue, but I am hoping to change that!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It is so selfless of us to do our part. ;)

At least you're a business. I'm just a house. I think $357 is a bit excessive for one month, even for a total electric Mansion.

That 40% will be a HUGE reduction! Good luck with that. Here's hoping that Ameren doesn't put a fee on turbines.