Saturday, September 11, 2010

Future Enterprisers

The Pony is selling 50-50 tickets for band. All of us Hillbilly Mansion dwellers plan to buy some. They're $1 each, and you don't have to be present at the annual band car show to win. As The Pony tells it, last year's winner was at the dentist when he got the call that he had just won $700 on the single ticket that he bought. Works for me. Except the dentist part.

Yes, the school district that won't allow Halloween parties or costumes, instead opting for Fall Festival celebrations, is promoting gambling with the 50-50 lottery. Go figure. Gambling must be a lesser evil than Satan worship.

Another group was selling coupon books for $15 a pop. And the coupons were for businesses in St. Louis. Too bad that nobody consulted Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, who could have saved the sponsor the headache of calling the coupon book company to arrange to send back those unsellable coupon books. Who has the money to fritter away on food and entertainment IN ST. LOUIS? Not our patrons, who probably don't have the gas money to fritter away on a 120-mile jaunt just to spend more money to save money on the $15 they spent on a coupon book. Now that group is selling Krispy Kreme donuts. Six dollars is more plausible than fifteen. And you don't have to drive anywhere but school. Plus, some students buy the $6 dozen of donuts, and sell them to students who didn't have $6 for a dollar apiece. Everybody's happy. The group gets their fundraiser money, the re-seller doubles his investment, and the donut-eater gets a tasty snack for only the dollar that he would have spent on soda at lunch.

I need to develop a product or service and cash in. But I draw the line at making soap out of goat milk, like I saw on Dirty Jobs.

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