Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Just Not That Into You

Well, here I sit, dillying and dallying, as if I don't have a blog to write this evening. I can't exactly account for all of the time I've been not-writing. I read some blogs, refrained from commenting, read about the Segway dude's untimely death by Segway, experimented with attachments of the email kind, and dashed out some tips for an article a teaching buddy is writing for School & Community.

School & Community is a teacher mag. It only costs $199 for nine issues per year. We ain't none too bright, us teacher folk. Actually, it's the official magazine of our teacher organization, MSTA. Which is NOT a union, even though they like to think they are, what with their lobbying and providing us lawyers and such when we're in hot water. But you won't find us picketing or striking. MSTA is the weak, waterlogged kitten of teacher representation. Which explains why Missouri is not at the top of the heap in teacher salaries.

I'm just not into this blog tonight. I'm going to prop my feet up in my recliner, and let visions of last night's embarrassing watermelon-to-the-face faux pas on Amazing Race play on a loop in my overtaxed brain. It was almost as entertaining as the great cheese wheel fiasco a couple of years ago.

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