Monday, September 6, 2010

Just For The Record

Just for the record...

*Great Clips is closed on Labor Day

*It is OH SO EASY to get caught up in traffic after the Labor Day Parade if you are taking The Pony to Grandma's house after the haircut he didn't get.

*The #1 son will ride to town for a haircut if he thinks it will get him a fast-food lunch, and not seem at all upset due to the Great Clips embargo.

*Farmer H will panic like a postpartum prima gravida mom when he can't find a newborn kid.

*Mrs. Hillbilly Mom can talk Farmer H down from the precipice if she uses a soothing tone and reminds him that he and five family members lost a four-day-old goat inside the pen for 30 minutes earlier this summer, and that the missing kid will turn up.

*The missing baby goat will be found next to a tree trunk, and will turn out to be the TWINS we've been waiting for since Farmer H started unofficially breeding goats.

*Goat twins can be fraternal, a boy and a girl, a black and a white, a short-hair and a long-hair, that look neither like the long-haired tan mama nor the short-haired white papa.

*Five minutes after polishing off a Sonic toaster meal in T-Hoe, the #1 son will lament that The Devil's deli chicken tenders on the bottom shelf of Frig would be mighty tasty.

*If Mrs. Hillbilly Mom tells her mouthy #1 son that she is going to write a book and name it One Great Big Not-Listening Party, he will snort and say, "More like One Great Big Not-Reading Party."

Just for the record.

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