Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Thought Thursday 9-16-10

Random Thought Thursdays are BAAAACK!

*How unloved does a kid feel when he has to stay home alone because he's sick...and his mom brings him a school cafeteria lunch?

*Do not assume that just because power is out in your neighborhood, and power is out at Elementia, that our district will not be having school. Especially if you are a cook.

*Oppositional Defiant Disorder is the real deal, even though back in my day, we used to call it "being an a$$hole."

*Sick people need to stay away from me and not breathe. On me.

*Students calling a teacher by his/her first name at school with the permission of that teacher is just downright creepy. I pretend I don't know who they are talking about, until they refer to that teacher as Ms. or Mr. Surname.

*When the ParkingSpaceStealer from the end of my hall tells her class they can head to lunch before the bell, as long as they don't go past Mrs. Hillbilly has a tendency to rankle Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. She is a human being, by cracky! Not a mile marker or a lawn jockey or a placeholder. So Mrs. Hillbilly Mom sidles down the hall until she is standing near the AD office, which allows the students to cross the cafeteria and enter the lunch line, all while being not past Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Paybacks are a b*tch, even five years after the purloined parking place incident.

*Much like youth is wasted on the young, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's pithy comments sail over the heads of her charges. "You children can be so...childish!" should elicit a few smiles or smirks. Instead, the statement is met with: "That's because we ARE children." Duh.

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