Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Contest. No. Not That One.

We have a pool at Newmentia. Not a swimming pool! Laws, NO! M-O-O-N. That spells A swimming pool would mean that somebody in the How To Control Your Body Long Enough To Stay Alive department would have to actually teach a student something that could be measurably evaluated. As in, whether they could stay alive in a swimming pool.

No, I'm talking about a pool as a form of gambling, where people predict something and win monetary rewards. It's not so much gambling, though, as a free game of skill. The skill lies in choosing which day will be the first one that we miss school due to snow.

I have chosen January 11. No reason, except that it's one week after we return from Christmas break, and one month prior to my birthday. Thems as good a reasons as any, as Farmer H might say.

Others picked days in December (those cockeyed optimists), while some dragged it out to Martin Luther King Day. Which is not a very good choice, I might add, because we are usually scheduled to be out on that day, but end up going because of a previous snow day. Go figure!

I am eagerly awaiting the awarding of my grand prize: a free notepad from the Books Are Fun distributor. Yee haw! I'm a-gonna win me some writin' paper!

However, I will not be too disappointed if somebody else wins. For instance, somebody who chose a day earlier than mine. Because the real prize is the SNOW DAY!

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