Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mother Hubbard? Mother Hubbard?

People piss me off.

When we got home Monday evening, there was a big white dog roaming around the low water bridge by our row of mailboxes. He perked up when the #1 son got out to get the mail, but he kept his distance. Last night when reached the mailboxes around 6:00, he was still lurking. This morning he was several hundred yards up the gravel road, and stepped into the woods when he saw us. And at 5:00 this evening, he was right by the mailboxes, and circled T-Hoe when we stopped.

I told The Pony that he looked friendly enough, but not to pet him. The Pony grabbed the mail, and Doggie watched him hopefully from about five feet away. Hoping for what, I'm not sure. Likely, it was food. And companionship.

People who drop off their unwanted pets in the country need to know that their pet is going to slowly starve to death, or be run over by a vehicle, or shot by a homeowner. Pets do not understand that they need to catch, kill, and eat squirrels and rabbits to survive. They are lonely. They miss their human pack.

We can not take this big lug home to the Mansion. We don't know him. He is huge. He might be a chicken-killer. Our beagle, Tank, might go after him in a fit of Little Man Syndrome and be injured. We don't have time to slowly introduce a new fully-grown pet. Doggie is bigger than some of Farmer H's goats.

I told Farmer H to go dump some dogfood by the creek. Not to get out and socialize, just to drop some sustenance for Doggie. Of course Farmer H drove his Scout, not the truck. The Scout, which our own dogs run after. Farmer H saw no sign of Doggie. He must have gone into hiding, since it was only 15 minutes from when we saw him. I told Farmer H that now Doggie wouldn't even get the food, because our own fleabags would eat it. Farmer H swore that they followed him right back to the Mansion. The Pony's heart is hurting for poor giant Doggie. Doggie looks like a Great Pyrenees, but with short hair. I'm thinking that somebody could not afford to feed him anymore, and set him free. Free to die a slow death of starvation, or a speedy violent death.

People piss me off.


Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

People suck. That is sad. Maybe he found the food later.

It just occurred to me that I haven't blogged about our new dog yet. He's getting his nuts chopped off tomorrow, so maybe there's a blog post in there somewhere.

Jennifer said...

It is ridiculous. At our house in Oregon just this summer (I wasn't there) a filly was discovered walking down the road.

Apparently someone let the horse go because they couldn't feed her.

Apparently they thought because we have 4 horses already we would gladly take on another. (us being down here in MO right now we can't) but our neighbors down the road took her in.. hoping to find the owner.

3 months later.. they have a horse.

this is worse then then occasional dog, cat, goose, duck, rabbit that "found" it's way to our house.

People tick me off also. We spend a considerable amount of money each month just on the feeding, upkeep and maintenance of our animals. And I have to say that while it breaks the bank from time to time.. I would never think of abandoning an animal because I can't make my commitments.

Cazzie!!! said...

That sucks dog's balls, pardon the pun. I hate that too. I grew up in the country. I would be a millionaire over and over if I got a dollar for the times we found kittens squirming in a hessian bag, or a dog with pupps, and yes... grown dogs too.
People piss me off too. ":(

Hillbilly Mom said...

Mommy Ann,
I didn't see the dogfood this morning, and I also tossed out two old pieces of pizza on the way to school. No sign of Doggie or the pizza when we came home. I'm hoping he's found a home. And that he still has his nuts.

We have a no-kill shelter within 10 miles. I can't believe they won't drop their pets at the shelter where they will be fed and housed.

The country: one great big pet adoption center, where Fido frolics with unicorns and lives off the milk and honey of the land.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

We are located near a rest area on interstate 70 and I think lots of people are putting cats and dogs out there and they wonder over to the kampground. There is no animal control outside the city limits, so we ahve to take them to a shelter or feed them and care for them. I look at my pets that I love so dearly and cannot imagine driving away from them. I would do without to feed mine.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Or at least give up the cell phone. I'm sure these folks are still texting.