Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life Imitates Trivia

In another strange episode of life imitating life...Food Procurer H brought home a bag of Gus's Pretzels this evening. Perhaps you've never heard of Gus's. Neither had I, until trivia night and the question about where to get the best pretzels in St. Louis. Now I've had one of Gus's. And I must say, they are real, and they're spectacular.

Santa's Helper H popped downtown today to pick up a new Santa suit. His old one was becoming rather raggedy. We can't have Santa traipsing about the preschools and Parents As Teachers events looking bedraggled. Close by the uniform shop, or wherever one goes when one needs to buy a piece of Christmas memories, maybe...oh...I don't know....Ye Olde St. Nick Shoppe, Bargain Hunter H saw Gus's Pretzels. He popped in and purchased a dozen pretzels for under $6.00. The boys and I had one before supper. It's not every day you get a fresh pretzel, by cracky!

Seems like only Saturday that I mentioned a gynecologist in reference to playing trivia with a student (and a wronger-sounding statement than that I will probably never write), then lo and behold, my gyno showed up at trivia. Now Gus's has appeared in my kitchen.

I am trying to remember some of the other questions, so I won't be shocked when such an item intrudes upon my life.

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