Friday, December 10, 2010

The Wishful Depantser, Round 2

The Wishful Depantser reared his annoying butt again this afternoon. I'm going to have to refer him to somebody to scare the pants onto of him.

"Feel my butt."

That's today's inappropriate command to Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. I'm sure it was just a joke to him. He was getting up to turn in his paper, and he told the girl next to him, "I'm sweating. I'm going to leave a buttprint on my chair when I get up." He has PE right before my class. Today, he had already depantsed himself, and wore his gym shorts. He got up from his seat, walked two steps to my desk, turned his back, and said, "Feel my butt."

I told him to go sit down, and that his inappropriate comments needed to stop. This was two days in a row. Was he giving a cry for help? Did he need to talk to someone about this issue? Usually, that settles them down. I don't think it's going to work with this one.

My choices for referral are the counselor, a woman whom a 14-year-old boy might consider attractive in a cougar sort of way, or Mr. Principal, a man who does not suffer 14-year-old fools gladly. I'm leaning towards Mr. Principal, lest Wishful Depantser get his jollies by discussing his butt with the counselor.

I could not make comments such as these to the students. An adult could not say this to another adult without risking sexual harassment accusations. So I don't think it's appropriate for a student to make these comments. Though the Gummi Mary knows, they get away with almost anything these days. It's all fun and games until Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's picture is on the 10:00 news.

Like I said, I'm sure he's just joking. But it makes me uncomfortable. And another dude that sits in the next row starts sniggering, and they're careening toward the precipice that overlooks the abyss of perviness.

I don't like it.


Jennifer said...

wow.. pants boy is walking a thin line.. how did he last so far in the semester without rearing his ugly head?

I vote for the Principal also.. no need to feed some young man's fantasy.

The things students say and do.. amazes me.. absolutely amazes me. The subjects they feel free to discuss in front of and to a teacher/adult are astounding.

But good news is.. Christmas is right around the corner and that means several days back to back without pants boy and his posse

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Wishful Depantser used to behave himself. The alphabetical seating chart put him right in front of my desk. Lately, he has been trying to impress a girl in the next row. I'm thinking this is what set him off.

Chickadee said...

Toss him to the principal to save your a$$. You're not unreasonable and I would be concerned too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

That kid has really calmed down. I haven't had a moment with Mr. Principal yet. He's a busy man. But I plan to bend his ear. That way, he can pull the kid aside in the hall and informally strike the fear of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom in his heart.

That way, we save ourselves another tally on Newmentia's discipline report at the monthly board meeting, and the problem still gets solved.