Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Elderly Get A Bit Forgetful Every Now And Then

All this cold and no precipitation makes Mrs. Hillbilly Mom a cranky gal.

I had to break down and adjust the thermostat in my classroom today. I anticipate a visit from Little General Handyman in the near future. Not a visit where I serve him tea and cucumber sandwiches. More like a visit during which he installs a locked metal grate over my thermostat while chastising me for wasting valuable utilities. Because I'm a scoff-utility kind of person. Evidenced by using all that fluorescent lighting during my plan time, when I could just as well sit in the dark like Abe Lincoln without firelight.

Little General Handyman might just point out that it wouldn't BE so dark in my classroom if I hadn't covered my two tall windows with black butcher paper. The paper's black. I don't know about the alleged butcher, or why we have rolls and rolls of his paper. But anyhoo, I blacked out those windows for my pre-Thanksgiving showing of Avatar to my biology class, and I've left it up. Because I'm in a festive holiday mood, and nothing screams FESTIVE HOLIDAY MOOD like windows covered by black butcher paper.

I might use that black butcher paper to reason with Little General Handyman. Since the Tech Nazi hooked up my electronic accoutrements with wires dangling from the ceiling, leaving me no alternative but to set up shop with my desk right under a drafty window...I need that black butcher paper to staunch the flow of northwest arctic winds. And it absorbs more sunlight in the afternoon. So there, Mr. Little General Handyman Smartypants. I'm actually SAVING you money that wasn't yours to start with.

Except that this afternoon I forgot to reset my thermostat back to the 60 degree mark that it normally lolls on overnight. It will be a toasty 71 degrees when I shuffle into my dark, dark lair Thursday morning. BWAH HA HA!


Jennifer said...

Senility is a great defense...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Indeed. I'm playing the 'wrinkle' card.