Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Plans For The Scorching New Year's Eve

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. The temperature is supposed to be near 70 degrees. That's just wrong. My front yard full of snow disappeared yesterday. Never mind that most years we don't even get snow until January. I've been spoiled. It's winter, and I want my snow!

The Hillbilly family has no plans for the New Year. Sometimes, HH shoots off fireworks, or stands on the front porch to watch other people shoot off fireworks. I'd say that it's dangerous because people around here fire their guns, but that happens 24/7, and New Year's Eve is no different.

I might venture to town tomorrow to buy some cabbage and some black-eyed peas. That means Save-A-Lot. I vacillate between hoping a woman in there will tell me I'm SO PRETTY, and hoping one won't. Ever since that happened a few years ago, I'm a bit leery of the New Year shopping trip.


knancy said...

Don't forget a ham bone for those beans! I do believe HH is deficient (for meat protein). Seems he will dig deep for the meat regardless of what you cook. Maybe it would just be easier to buy him his own ham for the BARn/mancave to gnaw on?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I put bacon in the black-eyed peas. That will for New Year's Day. Tonight, we're having a sausage/potato/cabbage conglomeration. You notice which ingredient came first.

You have giving me the most scathingly brilliant idea for Friday's blog.