Friday, December 3, 2010

Handbasket High

I am not feeling particularly witty, nor pretty, nor gay tonight. I'm running on four hours of sleep, and not firing on all cylinders.

The students of Newmentia have been full-moon, storm's a-comin', bat-poop crazy over the past 24 hours. And it's NOT the full moon, and no storm is on the radar. I don't know what has gotten into them. Somebody took a crap on the locker room floor. Two girls had a slap-fight on the bus. One dude socked another one in the eye, and he didn't even retaliate or tell, because he didn't want to get in trouble. A young hipster called MathCrony the C word. They're flippin' out, right and left. You'd think it was the February doldrums. Thank the Gummi Mary, we have a weekend to recoup.

I'm going to put my feet up and take a recliner nap.


Chickadee said...

first of all, how did a kid manage to take a crap on the floor without getting caught? It's not like peeing, which takes a few seconds. Even the fastest crap takes AT LEAST 30 seconds.

And wow, it sounds like you're in a school in North St. Louis.

Hope the upcoming week is better.

Hillbilly Mom said...

He probably had a crowd cheering him on. Because of course it was in the BOYS' locker room. Like you didn't guess that already.

I can't figure out this sudden rebellion. We're usually just a pack of placid rednecks, getting by doing as little as possible.