Thursday, December 9, 2010

Since You Asked

"Can I take off my pants?"

Now there's a line you don't expect to hear in your freshman physics classroom. First of all, if a kid is smart enough to ask, then he's smart enough not to ask. If you get my drift. The scallawags would just get right to the shenanigans, permission be darned.

Actually, the Wishful Depantser just wanted to take off his jeans, which were worn over shorts, during the last five minutes of 7th hour, so he could be one of the first players to basketball practice and snag a ball with air in it.

Still. There are limits to the patience of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. The Wishful Depantser garnered a stern NO and a longwinded lecture.

The norms of Hillmomban society must not be breached.

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