Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Tales From The Devil

My sister told me two tales of The Devil's Playground today. They involve her co-workers, and their experiences with The Devil's one-hour photo scam.

Colleague One dropped off her pictures at 7:00 last evening. She needed them for Christmas cards, thus the one-hour rush. At 8:30, she returned to The Devil's Playground to pick up her pictures. Photo Scammer One shoved them under Colleague's nose and said, "Do they look all right?" Colleague settled her baby on her hip and checked out the photos. There were white streaks throughout, due to a lack of some colors of ink.

"No. These photos are not all right. Do them over."

"Well, it's 8:30 now, and we close at 9:00. So we can't do that."

"It has been more than one hour. I want my photos. I have to take this baby home and put her to bed, and I'm not going to drag her back here tomorrow for my pictures that should have been ready now. You knew they were no good. That's why you asked how they looked."

"We ran out of ink."

"Are you out of ink now?"

"No. A new one got put in."

"I paid for one-hour photos. I gave you an hour and a half. You should have run them again once the new cartridge was in. And they would have been ready. These are not acceptable. I want my one-hour photos, and you WILL give them to me even if it means that you have to stay late!"

"Ooh, I don't see why I can't stay a little later tonight..."

So Colleague One took her baby home to bed, and sent her husband back to pick up the new photos.

Colleague Two was not so forceful. She arranged for her photos online, while at work, and paid for them up front. When she called to check on them, Colleague Two was told, "Oh, those photos won't be ready until tomorrow. You'll have to pick them up after 9:00 a.m. And she said, "Okay. I guess I can do that. Even though I paid to get them in one hour, and it's going to take until tomorrow."

Which just goes to show that you must use a firm hand in dealings with The Devil.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Hillbilly Mom said...

And the two-and-a-half hour photos.