Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goats Really Like Pie

Goats really like pie.

That's what Eddie Murphy said in Daddy Daycare. I suppose it's true, though I have not offered my goats any pie. They appear partial to rosebushes, lilacs, and The Pony's tree that he planted in the front yard two years ago when he was in 4th grade. Oh, and the pajamas of The Pony, when he enters their pen to free them from their own stupidity.

Goats do not like fresh lettuce, or being grabbed by the horns and dragged to a cage to be sold at auction. That's what Farmer H says.

Chickens, on the other hand, enjoy fresh lettuce. They dislike cherry tomatoes, and being captured under a dip net while pecking at corn that has been scattered to lure them into the pen for eventual imprisonment in cages until being sold at auction later the next day. Roosters are especially averse to being swatted in the face with a blue plastic snow shovel wielded by Farmer H in an effort to get them off a squawking hen.

Just so you know.

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