Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hazy And Lazy

The weather outside is frightful. But the AC is so delightful! Summer is not my favorite season. In fact, it is my least favorite. You'd think, what with it being an extended vacation for me, that I could bump it up a notch on my seasonal rankings. Nope. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. That order. I also enjoy rainy days. Perhaps it's the Aquarius in me.

I am bouncing back from my cutthroat episode. That means I have time to stop and smell the roses. The red ones that bloom all summer, not the yellow ones that bloomed once and now fall off the bush if anybody glances sideways at them. That yellow bush was a Mother's Day gift from Black Thumb H.

I also have time to not fold the laundry, not clean out the pantry, and to watch whatever catches my eye on TV, this morning that being College Road Trip. Martin Lawrence and a squealing little genius pig. It doesn't get any better than that. Except maybe the scene where the little pig, all hopped up on caffeine from eating coffee beans out of the wastebasket, falls through the tent roof of a chubby girl's wedding. Yeah. I'm a movie connoisseur.

Good thing I bought myself a Blockbuster membership yesterday. Blockbuster, the Betamax of movie rental services. The Edsel of automobile models. The AYDS of weight-loss candy. The MC Hammer pants of fashion. The Ted Bundy of blind dates. Darn The Pony for his obsession with FLICKA.

I'm going to get my $15 membership fee back, through free movie rentals, if it takes me all summer!

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