Saturday, June 12, 2010

Technology Is Encroaching On My Comfort Zone

The #1 son had to run the sound system at a teacher's wedding today. I declined to attend, not wishing to inflict my cut-throat appearance on people who know me. Friday evening, I ran into #1's old girlfriend at The Devil's Playground. She's a hugger. Perhaps I've mentioned about 1,145,000 times that I am NOT a hugger. Since she flung out her arms and declared across the parking lot, "I'd give you a big hug, but I know you don't like that," I permitted her the gesture of semi-affection. Her look of utter shock at the slash on my neck made me feel bad about the hug. She said that #1 had mentioned that I had surgery, but not what it was for.

Farmer H, The Pony, and I went to get Farmer H a new phone. Funny thing is...we just got him a new phone on Monday, and after using it for 4 days, that thing dropped dead. I think that Farmer H dropped it and killed it, but he denies it. We switched from ATT to Sprint for unlimited data plans on all our phones, since we already had a Sprint connect card dealybobber for internet. The whole set-up will still be $10/month cheaper than ATT, plus we will all have internet on our phones, and texting, which we didn't have with ATT. I got a Hero, Farmer H got a Blackberry 8530, and #1 is expecting an Evo whenever they arrive. They switched out Farmer H's black Blackberry for a red one, because on Monday they told us he got the last black one. It was probably a return from someone else. That thing was deader than a doornail. It wouldn't even light up on the charger. The salesman couldn't get the contacts off of it, but saved the pictures by switching the data card or some thingamajig.

I hate getting something new. My old ATT phone bit the dust about a month ago. It dropped calls, would only take a picture of ME upside down, and was the main phone on our plan which ends July 1. I was not about to sign up another two years with ATT to get a new phone cheap, since that one didn't even last two years.

But I do like my smart little Hero. The parts I know how to use, anyway.

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