Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time. Of The Essence.

I was planning to regale you with a tale of a good deed gone wrong. Alas, no such time this evening, because ABC Family has pulled the plug on Pretty Little Liars reruns. Oh, they've picked up a dozen new episodes of the show, but starting last week, they quit rerunning the new episode every hour on the hour. Now I have to budget my time. And what with carting the #1 son to and from his basketball open gym, and dropping off and picking up The Pony at my mom's house, where my niece is using him as a specimen for a reading class exercise requiring 20 hours of hands-on contact with a 1st-grader or 6th-grader, and then preparing sustenance for those people who share my Mansion...I could not do justice to the story. And you KNOW Mrs. HM is all about justice.

Let it suffice to say that the deed involves my niece. You know, the one whose friends were planning to sleep in a room with a total stranger at the casino last month.

I know that will bring you back tomorrow.

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