Friday, August 6, 2010

Credits And Debits

The #1 son has been busy little beaver over the last 24 hours. He answered a knock at the Mansion door yesterday afternoon, and instead of finding the grandson of The Shootist who threatened to fill Farmer H full of lead a couple years ago (who has been visiting and dropping in for an afternoon swim in Poolio), found the wife of Farmer H's buddy. She asked him if he would ride to town with her and move a stove at their new rental house. For pay. Of course the boy jumped at the chance. This morning he set out to mow his grandma's yard, and upon picking him up this evening, Farmer H announced that they were going to mow MY grandma's yard. With this week's allowance, #1's earnings add up to a grand total of $110. Not too shabby for a 15-year-old.

Being the Even Steven family, The Pony and I had made a trip to town during the first mowing, and spent $111.45 on school shoes, shorts, and socks at Hibbett Sports. Funny how things balance for the Hillbilly folks. Not that we're taking any of his money.

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