Friday, August 20, 2010

What WAS I Thinking?

Tomorrow, I will share selections from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's NeverEver List. It has grown quite lengthy and specific over the years. I will just include the highlights. I would do it tonight, but I am too lazy. Besides, I have to get up early to get the #1 son to the optometrist for a 7:30 appointment.

What was I thinking?


Jennifer said...

You were probably thinking the same when Hubs enrolled in an all day CPR Recertification class for tomorrow.

Can't wait ot see your Never Ever list. I am sure it is HM awesome.

Sort of like those pictures you see on you know???

StudentsofNewmentia.Com.. has a interesting ring to it..

Hillbilly Mom said...

We spent 90 minutes at the optometrist for a basic exam and new glasses. The boy picked them out in 5 minutes. The staff is not so speedy in running the insurance.

I like your idea. Though the students might find more appropriate.