Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi Ho. Hi Freakin' Ho.

I have to go to school on Thursday. I don't want to go to school on Thursday. It is not required. For once, we caught a break, and instead of being back in school right now, like this time last year, we are kickin' it until next Monday. Except that I have to go to school on Thursday.

Who knows what calamities have befallen my classroom in the six weeks since I last set foot in my sacred sanctuary? The last time I was there, my mini-fridge had been spirited away, along with one of my six-foot tables. Both of which I purchased with my own personal money.

The #1 son is going with me. Not in support of his mother, to show how much he loves and appreciates her, in an effort to make her life a little bit easier. Nope. As an independent contractor. He's getting paid to hook up all of my electronics, show me how my new projector works (if it does), and put my books in order. And maybe run some copies.

The bad news is that Thursday is the day the students pick up their schedules and get their locker assignments. Sometimes they traipse through the halls and annoy dedicated faculty such as myself who are there to prepare a safe, least-restrictive environment for them. I normally avoid being at school on this day like the plague. But this year, I just said, "WTF." Not out loud. That's not the image I wish to project. I am not so bold as Tom Cruise in Risky Business. But I agree with his character's sentiment that sometimes, you've just got to say, "WTF."

Having spent the beginning of my summer vacation recuperating from the removal of my thyroid, the middle of it on a basketball camp trip to Missifreakinsippi at the only Holiday Inn Express in the world with no pool, and just now being able to relax to my heart's content...I have been in no rush to get my act together for the fast-approaching school year.

I will survey the damage on Thursday. If those survivors on The Colony can build a society from abandoned buildings and junky salvage autos, I can prepare one classroom for student habitation.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. The eternal optimist.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I do not envy you! There is not enough money in this world to induce me to want to teach those same children I see at my pool every day. Seems like the school year is longer and vacation shorter than when I was a young one. We currently have a family with five of the most well-behaved children I have seen in a long time living here. They are home schooled, their dad is a new state trooper for this county and they haven't sold their house yet. I like having a man with a badge and a gun on the premises......

Chickadee said...

I'm afraid to ask, but must did it go today? What damaged or missing goods did you discover?

And where did the frickin' summer go??

Hillbilly Mom said...

I got a look at my class rosters. SOMEBODY is not going to be a happy camper in the afternoons.

The summer is gone. Gone with my goiter.

There was nothing missing since I got things straightened out in July. Except the Not Very SmartBoard, and the projector cart. That's OK. I finally got a projector mounted in the ceiling, and a pull-down screen. Only two years later than all the other core teachers. Better late than never.