Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Do You Ask?

Here is a note-to-self moment.

If you don't want somebody to ask you why you are going to court, it would be a good idea not to mention for three days in a row, multiple times in 50-minute span, that you are going to court on Monday, and that if you're not back Tuesday, that means you have been locked up.

Just sayin'...


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the advice. I might be needing that sometime in the future.


I was at a job interview the other day and the receptionist was busy talking to a co worker about a nephew who was in jail...

Co worker asked "when you get him out on Friday you need to make sure he can leave the state"..

Receptionist" Oh we will only be going to the Casino.. I don't think it will matter that it's on the state line"

Hillbilly Mom said...

What can I say? Except once again, "Welcome to Missouri."

Jennifer said...

LOL.. What Can I say. I am loving it.. and being in this part of the country is helping me understand various members of my extended family and Hubby's family better.

We now know why they are the way they are.. .if they hadn't left MO/AR/OK they would be normal.

Plus I don't feel so rednecky when Hubby does such stupidly rednecky stuff.... course I had to veto his getting a rebel flag and attaching it to the pickup like the one he so admired on a guy's truck in another town the other day..

It would block my vision.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Even though there's a school around here with the mascot being a Rebel, that flag can get you in trouble these days, even if you're not using it to make a sinister statement. Good call.

Maybe your Hubby can get a less controversial redneck hobby, like sitting on the porch in his underwear.