Monday, March 28, 2011

Everybody Knows My Name

Lately, I have become a regular Norm in the Cheers of the school cafeteria.

A kid from one of my morning classes sits at a table near the hall, and when I walk in, fashionably late, after most of the students are seated with their trays, he hollers, "Mrs. Hillbilly Mom!" Now he's got three more boys at his table doing it.

I usually nod, or roll my eyes, or shout his name back at him. He thinks this is hilarious. I think I'm hilarious when I call him Jeremy Roloff in class. The kid is a dead ringer for the tall twin on Little People, Big World. He says the teachers at Basementia used to call him that, too.

Thank the Gummi Mary, I don't look like Norm. At least in my opinion. Gasp! What if I have body dysmorphic disorder, and have a skewed perception of my outward appearance? What if I really DO look like Norm?

If they start raising their milk cartons in a toast, I am going to eat lunch alone in my room.


labbie1 said...

So, you have been outed and are no longer deep in the land of blog huh?

Look like Norm!!!! OHMYGOSH!!!! Hillarious!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Indeed, I am rising to the surface of the Blogger Protection Program.