Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Case Of Emergency, Here's Your Sign

Today, Arch Nemesis brought me some new emergency signs for my classroom wall. Tornado, fire, earthquake...all bases covered. As a joke one year, after a week of drills, the principal announced that we would be having a hurricane drill that afternoon. Only a couple of kids caught on. The rest were apparently in the category who told me that Canada is a state, and that Alaska is an island off the coast of southern California.

I tossed the six-page laminated signage onto my sound mixer/DVD/VCR stack, where the most urgent To-Do items go. We're having a guest from a nearby school tour Newmentia on Thursday, and everything needs to be ship-shape.

Since I had to use my plan time for running test copies and perusing new textbooks, I did not get the emergency signs taped to the wall. After school, I was busy setting out materials for tomorrow, and returning three chronometers (that's stopwatches to you lay people) to the classroom of Arch Nemesis. Because I was such a busy little beaver, Even Steven smiled upon me.

NewTeachOnTheHall casually mentioned in passing by my room that we were NOT supposed to hang the new emergency alerts, but were to await v 2.0. Seems the head cheeses did not wish to have six laminated signs per classroom proclaiming proper procedure for a torndado alert, or instructions to exit to the teachers parkin lot area in case of fire.

The brewing controversy is whether fault lies with Arch Nemesis or the student helper. I will have to blame the student, because if there's one thing I can say about Arch, it's that she's literate. And clean.

My laminated signs are not going to waste. They are the perfect instruments to flap and make the confounded lights come back on when my motion sensor leaves me in the dark every 15 minutes at my desk after school. No circus contorting or signal flag practice for me anymore, by cracky!

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