Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karma Bites The Hand

Karma lived up to her reputation in Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's classroom today.

During clean-up after working on science project display boards, a mischievous lass lobbed a small paperwad at an unsuspecting lad. His back was to her, and the errant lightweight missile landed on the chair, right behind his butt.

I saw the entire event unfold, because Lassie looked right at me before the launch. Sweet Gummi Mary! She might as well march through my teaching space with 76 trombones leading the big parade, and 110 cornets close at hand. Nothing says, "I'm about to break the rules." like staring at your jailer just before you remove the file from your birthday cake and begin to saw at the bars.

I told Lassie to throw away the paper. "I can't pick it up. Look at where it is!" I suggested she tell him to hand it to her. Which she did. But Laddie has a sadistic streak, and raised up, then plopped his bottom down on that paperwad and wiggled around. With that out of his system, he set the crumpled scrap on a desk for Lassie to retrieve.

"Eewww! I can't touch it now."

"Yes, you can. I'm not picking it up. You threw it. He's fully clothed, you know."

Lassie grabbed the offending object by the corner. She dropped it in the wastebasket. And proceeded to squirt enough GermX on her hands to sterilize the entire M*A*S*H operating room team.

Even Frank Burns.

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