Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's The Buzz?

Time to toot the old horn (but not a vuvuzela, thank the Gummi Mary) over my spawn's accomplishments.

The #1 son returned from his district W.Y.S.E. competition yesterday afternoon, clinking with medals. He won 1st place in both English and Math. He and four other members of his team are off to the state finals on April 12. Newmentia only competes with juniors and seniors on their W.Y.S.E. team. However, because one member was out of town for a crucial competition, #1, a lowly sophomore, was chosen to replace her. Nobody's complaining.

I told #1 that Coattail Rider H would probably want to put a story in his company newsletter about his accomplishments. What's a company newsletter for, if not to brag about family achievements? Nobody wants to read about 157 days without an accident. #1 agreed that Coattail Rider H would be ecstatic. After all, he's the one who bragged at the family reunion that his boy had an IQ of almost 100. Sigh. Like thinking of Vern digging under the porch for his forgotten jar of pennies in Stand By don't know whether to laugh or cry. #1 said, "I wouldn't be surprised of Dad wants to take my medals to work so everybody can feel them."

The Pony spent today at the conference Academic Team Tournament. Eleven teams, one winner. Which was not Basementia. However, they took 2nd place, only losing to the 1st place team by three points. Not too shabby, as Basementia entered the tournament with a record of 8-2, seeded third.

As for Charlie Brown H...a trip to the optometrist this week for new glasses, which he hasn't had since 2005, gave him a glimpse into my world. The household money-manager world. A pair of regular glasses, and a pair of prescription safety glasses set him back $600. Living In The Past H was shocked that such a price was after insurance.

Because we are the Even Steven family, a check arrived in the mail yesterday. At first I thought it was junk mail, because I didn't recognize the return address. Just to be on the safe side, I opened it. I always open Head In The Sand H's mail. He lets it pile up, then surreptitiously shoves it into my pile of bills so I open it. Imagine my surprise to find a check for the sale of very old stock in Jack Of All Trades H's very old workplace to the tune of $504.68.

I told Money Grows On Trees H that it would almost pay for his glasses. He was having none of that, having been eagerly awaiting this check so he could buy a bed. An iron-frame bed that he built a very special room onto his creekside MiniMansion to accommodate. He was afraid that he had thrown away his check last week without opening it.

This afternoon, Happy As A Clam H set out to buy his bed. And found out that it was sold yesterday. But don't you worry about H. He knows if he loses one iron-frame bed, another one will turn up. Steven will provide for him.

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