Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Know Much About The French I Took...

We had a philosophical discussion this morning, my students and I, concerning all the things they have to learn at school that they won't need in real life.

It all started with one student observing the recent artwork applied to my north wall: plant and animal cell diagrams.


We did that last year. And back in 7th grade, too. Even elementary. Why are they doing it now?

You will do that in 11th grade, too. Because our curriculum is designed as a spiral. You learn about it one year, and then go into more detail a couple of years later, and so on.

We don't need to know that. When will we ever need that?

According to you guys, all you need to know is how to change channels on the TV, and how to text.

Well, we don't need any of that stupid stuff like algebra. Or history. And especially science. Who cares what a cell looks like?

I can see the future. There you all are, laying on the couch in front of the TV, texting. Then one of you gets hurt. Who's going to take care of you? Oops! Too bad! There are no doctors or nurses. They didn't need to learn that useless stuff. I guess you'll just have to choose the friend you like best to cut you open with a rusty knife and try to figure out what's wrong. IF he can guess what those parts are inside you.

(another student joined in) Yeah. Like, "What's that lump that keeps moving?"

Uh huh. Maybe he'll say, "We've got to stop that thing!" And then where will you be?

Well...we'll all be dead.



What a wonderful world this would be.



Jennifer said...

Thanks for the laugh!

I hope you know that I often call my Mom or when with her in convo say.. "HM said....."

Or share with her you adventurous tales. But it's okay as a former teacher she understands and thanks you for reminding her why her days in the classroom are now over.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's good to know that somebody actually listens to me!

labbie1 said...

I like totally am with you!

I actually LOVED science in school. I have found it is really handy to know why things are affected by other things.

Like, when you move to Albuquerque and have to change all of your recipes for high altitude--or prefer chewy chocolate chip cookies over crunchy ones (less white sugar more brown sugar)etc.

And viscosity in your motor oil. I mean where would NASCAR be without science (or drag racing on Saturday night burning out all of those tires!!!!)

And then there is Punkin Chunkin each year--you think that isn't science???

I really though Mythbusters pretty much busted the myth that science is unnecessary...or uncool!!!!! Thumbs up to science! :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

And now I know that Albuquerque is high altitude. Geography was my worst subject. But I've got science whooped.