Monday, February 7, 2011

Is 13 Snow Days Really Excessive?

Just when I thought the school year was almost over, a huge honkin' tree-branch of truth smacked me right in the face. Our last day of school is May 31. THAT'S ALMOST JUNE!!!

With my sentence stretched out before me, I feel like I'm toiling away in the salt mines. No end in sight. I would rather do my time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's baloney-sandwich, pink-underwear, tent-city, weather-channel-and-Disney prison.

Don't get me wrong. I like what I do. I'm just not fond of all that we do. Working with the students is fine. It's the drudgery of dragging the #1 son out of bed each morning, making sure The Pony has clothes that match and lunch that he will actually eat, and barreling over over hill and dale in my trusty T-Hoe to get to work with time for all the folderol which insinuates itself into my very being...that defeats me.

I am not so good at jumping through hoops. I don't like filling out forms for this and assignment sheets for that and looking up transfer grades that are, ahem, on the freakin' school computer gradebook system where they could be harvested in one fell swoop instead of sending a minion to interrupt seven different teachers teaching seven different subjects so they can STOP what they are doing and perform a clerical task while their students sit idle, fodder for the devil to supply them with work for their hands.

The dangling carrot of another day off on the weather forecaster's stick of Alberta Clippers does not repulse me. Make snow days while the sun don't shine, I say. Take 'em when you can get 'em. You never know what fate might befall the piper before he has a chance to collect on your debt.


knancy said...

Now, Hillbilly Mamma, let's address the real facts in this scenario. We all know the gubment is controlling our weather in order to extend the school year due to missed days. As the masses become attuned to added school days at the end of each school year, it will be easier to slip slide into year round schooling. This, of course, is only because they know how much you love your job and the appreciation you have for seeing those tax dollars of yours working in innovative scientific trends. You ain’t a science teacher for nothing, you know……

Hillbilly Mom said...

Of course it's a conspiracy! The government has always had it out for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Who is so old, she can remember the days when the only free food program was free LUNCH. Breakfast, after school, and summer meals were not even a glimmer in the eye of feds back in her day.

And we wonder why the nation's youth are obese.