Monday, February 21, 2011

Nature's Car Wash Is Broken

We had a little downpour today during school hours. That meant that T-Hoe was exposed to the elements. The Pony had been hoping for some rain. Something yellow dripped off the McDonald's roof while we were in the drive-thru Sunday morning. It left a yellow trail down his window. The Pony was mighty perturbed by that yellow streak.

I am pleased to report that upon exiting Newmentia at the crack of 4:15, I observed The Pony's window to be clear. The blacktop parking lot around T-Hoe's tires, though, was a sloppy mess. It seems that all of the road mud that had built up on the sides of T-Hoe, and on his running boards, had rushed off in the rain. It was piled in inch-thick streaks down the sloping pavement. Since T-Hoe sat nose-down on the hill, the mud from those running boards sluiced toward Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's driver's door. Much like the valuable black sand left after a journey through the shaker from Gold Rush Alaska, a deposit had been compiled near where HM steps her dainty feet to board T-Hoe. The back window was squeaky clean and clear. T-Hoe's sides were black again, instead of brown.

The cat footprints on the hood, however, remained in all their glory.

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