Saturday, February 5, 2011

They Wear Me Out

We awoke this morning to a surprise 5 inches of snow. And more of it raining down from above. Farmer H was off to work, and called to tell me that I was NOT to leave the Mansion, that he was sure the boys' bowling league would be canceled, and that the roads were twice as bad as they were during the Great Icepocalypse of '11.

Funny thing, those meteorologists started harping on the Storm of the Century a full five days or more ahead of the actual fizzler. Scads of National Guard troops were brought in, and 1500 extra electrical utility dudes from out of state. But this new 5 inches? Who knew? Not the meteorologists. Friday morning, they mentioned that there may be a dusting Friday night, but a significant snowstorm was due in here Sunday night into Monday, with measurable precipitation. Which means nothing will happen. Those silly weather people. You've heard of Even Steven? These folks are Opposite Steven.

Soooo...we waited on Farmer H to return this afternoon, in his $1000 Caravan with studded snow tires, which he apparently envisions as some heavy equipment Caterpillar snowplow, big as the dump trucks used on the Mesabi iron range, like in one of my favorite old movies, Wildrose. Farmer H took The Pony and I to The Devil's Playground to do our shopping for Super Bowl snacks. But we took T-Hoe, my four-wheel-drive friend.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy shopping with my companions, Bump and Log, but they really bring out the least desirable characteristics in each other. Normally, The Pony is a fantastic helper. But Big H makes him all forgetful and fractious. And Passive Aggressive H prefers to stand around and say, "I don't know what you're doing." Even though I spelled it out, read it from my list in T-Hoe in the parking lot, the two items that I wanted Bump and Log to look for. For The Pony's science project.

I was exhausted when we left. The Pony and I are better as a duo.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Never shop with a man! As I sit here warm and cozy in the land of blog, he loves to complain is out with a bobcat shoveling snow. I have 4 foot drifts in front of the building thanks to his efforts in the parking lot ...... I think I like it. I can't see out ........ but THEY can't see in.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Don't I know it! We had kind of stopped that for about 12 years, but I needed a chauffeur through the snow.

I thought I saw a giant wall of snow yesterday in that second pic of your Beetle Bug. But I didn't know where such a wall might have come from. Or maybe I was just hallucinating.