Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs, Signs

"The main problem is the two euphoniums."

That's what The Pony told me this morning, as I chatted about his 7th grade band class, and whether the kids behaved when the teacher had to get a substitute. He also elaborated that the percussion section was second. Don't I know it. For beating instruments with such required precision, those percussors certainly lack discipline.

Speaking of discipline, today a DoNot wrote on my "Broken" sign on the back of my spare rolly chair! The NERVE! That's one for the Never Ever list. He thought it would be funny to write "Still" above "Broken." Au contraire. And then he even told on himself!

And if that wasn't a sign of the apocalypse, two hours later, a mild-mannered lass calmly picked up each and every pen on my desk and put the caps on them! I'm worried about a major earthquake. This is truly uncharacteristic behavior for my students. They KNOW better! So this frenzy of rule-breaking must mean something.

The shenanigans must cease. Shame on the euphoniums.


knancy said...

Newmentia Dementia Blues -

Waving my ”End of Times” sign as I sit in my chair,
Pen-ding the packing of all my wares,
I watch for portends of any importance,
Waiting for the horns to wail
The coming of the “Hounds of Hell“!

PossumManor said...

English teacher here. When passing out vocabulary books at the beginning ot the school year, one student opened his and shouted, "This book is full of words!" Alas, will I have any affect? Or effect?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, I certainly want to be sitting when the end of times arrives. But I prefer not to be dememted. And that sign-waving seems like a lot of work.

That non sequitur rivals one of my Pony's exclamations: "Who put the meat on my burger!"