Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank The Gummi Mary, I Don't Have Mansion Fever

I arose this morning at the usual 4:50. A quick look out the door revealed very fine snow flurries. I did not count my chickens, because I have been disappointed before when they do not hatch.

I made The Pony's lunch and laid out his clothes. I made my lunch. I showered. I woke Worker H. I took a quick look at the forecast. Depending on which liar I believed, we were getting either a trace of snow, or three inches. I kicked back in my recliner, under my afghan blankie, because I am a master teacher and a master napper.

At 5:45, my phone rang with the automated message that Newmentia would not be in session today. Whew! I was starting to worry. Only one of the big three had canceled. The way it works around here, our little Newmentia waits to see if the big three are calling off. Then we do, too. It's like they all wait for each other to blink. But this morning, only one biggie called off. My Sister, the Former Mayor's Wife, works at one of the big three that did not call off.

At 8:00, the news channel started scrolling the fact that Sis's school and the remaining biggie were both dismissing at 9:30. Do you understand that? 9:30! That meant they had to transport all those kids home in the middle of the snow. When roads were not clear. When the wind chill was 4 degrees. AND...that will not count as a day of attendance. It better not. We had to get out that early one time, and ours didn't count. But the time we started feeding lunches at 9:30 and let out at 11:00, it counted.

Sis's biggie had already canceled for Thursday by 2:00 today. I guess they learned their lesson. We have about two and a half inches of snow at the Mansion. My mom, in town in Sis's district, said she had 3-4 inches. Now all of the local schools have called off for Thursday. I think it has something to do with the temperature falling to 7 degrees or lower tonight. And Worker H says the county roads are very slippery. That this stuff is even hard to walk on.

We have 15 days to make up. I think we have only been in session for 11 days since Christmas break. That's OK. I don't have any plans for this summer.


knancy said...

I bet Worker H will be happy when he gets home tonight and sees the wonderful three course meal you have prepared. Meat, meat and more meat. Perhaps he will do the C-Pap strip tonight and both of you will be breathing heavily togther! Of course, that will be your Birthday present so don't count on anything else..

Hillbilly Mom said...

Worker H will be sorely disappointed, because this is his bowling night, and he has to ingest his daily allotment of meat at the bowling alley. That's his choice.

The best present would be turning that breather away from my face so I don't have to inhale Petri Dish H's cooties all the live-long night. Though I did have my heart set on a $3 pink change purse and a box of Sno-Caps. Silly me. I keep forgetting that was a Mother's Day gift.