Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In My Absence...

In my absence, while I am hopefully doped-up on some fine post-surgery painkillers, and either watching Glee or listening to old music on a new MP3, I leave you with one of my favorite song lyrics:

"Through the valley of the shadow of Roosevelt's nose...
Adios South Dakota, adios Sally Rose."

No fair googling!!! Let me know if you recognize it on your own. I say the chances are slim to none. Not that I'm a pessimist or anything.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Strangely enough, I was watching Glee just now as I read all your posts and caught up! Hope you are resting happily in a haze of drug induced well-being. Also hope all went well!

Jennifer said...

Okay so I got me some help from my Mother... she said it was sung by Emmylou Harris she thinks...

Which the only Emmylou I really know is her work with Dolly and Linda when they did that Trio thingy

Cazzie!!! said...

Take care HBM, thinking of you as I am here in the hospital working night shift :) I hope those nurses are nice to you!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I was resting somewhat comfortably, though being a bit of a fool, because those pain meds came in a little blister pack of two, and I told the nurse I thought one would do. Silly me. I should have saved the companion for a rainy day. As it was, she took it, so who knows what became of it. They were some kind of greenish blue pill, kind of big and hard to swallow. For some reason, Percocet comes to mind, but that might just be a hallucination. I could not turn my head enough to fully appreciate the Glee kids on my little bedside TV.

Your mama is right. Emmylou Harris and The Ballad of Sally Rose, which would be a rock opera if Emmylou sang rock.

My night nurse was the bestest one of all! Very available and compassionate. She put me at ease and explained my symptoms.

The two day nurses treated me like a job, forgetting to plug in my oxygen thingy, and forgetting to verify my meal tray, and not giving me my levothyroxin until 8:15, which delayed breakfast another hour.

Cazzie!!! said...

My apologies for reading your reply late :( Working night shift puts your whole body clock out of whack.
Sadly the forgetfulness of the busy day nurse must be a World Wide thing. Sometimes we have to call the afternoon nurses to ask them if a medicine has been given or not as it is not signed on the chart...more often than not they have just forgotten to sign it but they have given it... my policy is that if it is nit signed then I assume it is not given, but I will not give a double dose of a medicine, so I check with the allocated nurse from the previous shift.
Funny enough you speak of the levothyroxin (oroxin here in Australia). I had not dispensed this medicine for quite some time in my nights of working and I had a patient who needed to have his at 0700hrs, pre breakfast. I looked in his bedside drawer, no oroxin, I could see on the chart it had been special ordered from the pharmacy as it is not a ward stock pile in our ward pharmacy. Look it up in the MIMMS, low and behold, it is in the fridge in the pharmacy! Hell, I should have remembered, but it was a simple memory loss re-instated as I read the directions in the book. I took the oroxin to my gorgeous patient and he laughed with me and said "I could have told you it was in the fridge!" Of course he could have! Never underestimate a patient's knowledge, lol.
The other thing I have to say is that the hospital is such a different place at night. Sure it is still very hectic, but there are not as many allied health people there to get in the way. Physio's, Pharmacists, Doctors, Surgeons, Visitors etc etc.. any number of people making it more hectic and taking your patients all over the shop (hospital) when you are needing to attend to vitals and things. That is why when I first get on shift I check my patient's charts to make sure nothing is missed, I introduce myself to the patients, and while I do that I am checking their emergency equipment in the room they are in as well as checking IV sites to make sure they are working okay and also checking dressings to make sure they are intact :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

The pharmacy must have caused the issue with the levothyroxin, because the nurse told me that they always give those at 6:00 a.m.