Saturday, May 1, 2010

Toupee Deadbeat Brooding

I don't know about you, but if I was placing a bet at the Kentucky Derby next year, I'd bet on Calvin Borel's mount. A Churchill Downs contest winner did just that with his free $100,000 betting money, and turned it into $900,000. Good for him. Now he can get hair plugs instead of that ratty toupee.

Flipping channels this morning, I happened upon a show called My First Place. Twins Mandy and Sandy were trying to buy two houses within walking distance of each other, with a budget of $174,000 apiece. I pity the two husbands. When the realtor, a regular Methuselah's great-grandma, found two houses for $209,000 apiece, they offered $169,000. Well, that deal fell through because those twins couldn't swing the final asking price of $178,000. What's $4000 when you're mortgaging to the tune of $174,000? Anyhoo, the contractor finagled the interest rate after a week or so, and Mandy and Sandy and hubbies 1 and 2 sat down to close the deal. But wait! There was still five minutes of show left! Darn the bad luck, Mandy or Sandy had defaulted on a student loan, and could not get a home loan. Funny how that works. The deadbeat gal went home and called around and after making a payment of $50 on her student loan to make it current, she got the house loan. Sweet Gummi Mary! I would not like to be holding that mortgage. Or waiting on her to pay back that student loan. Why do people think they can get something for nothing? I guess she though that the government could not repossess her education.

Speaking of old biddies...we have a hen who is killing herself sitting on a nest. She's a real-life Miss Prissy. Farmer H gave her four eggs at the end of March, and put her in a separate pen so she could be left alone. She's the hen that hatched our only chick to date, even though it wasn't her own egg. Miss Prissy was a very good mother, chasing that little white chick all over their pen to shove it under her wing, scolding it when it escaped through the wire fence just to taunt her. This batch was due to hatch around April 15, but there was nary a chick. Farmer H left that poor hen setting for another week. Finally, he gave her four new eggs. She wouldn't let him take out the bad ones, though. This batch is due around May 20. You'd think that with our plethora of roosters, we could make some chicks. The hens must be all worn out from the constant lovin'.

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